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Located in the heart of the city, Salt is tucked amidst a host of eateries on the piazza level of the swanky UB City, in Bangalore. Standing true to the founders vision of imbuing the Indian restaurant with a cheerful and easygoing vibe, we executed a design palette that consisted of multiple colours, with red leading the way. It’s a hue that is vibrant and energising; it’s also a warm colour that brings cosiness to a large, open space.


The restaurant immediately stands out amidst its surroundings thanks to the sandwiched coloured glass that marks its boundaries. These are multi-coloured panes fit within metal frames. The signage itself is set within coloured fluted glass in MS framework. The use of glass and metal gives the space an industrial chic vibe, while colour is used strategically for a softer touch.


A stand-out feature is the striking red accent wall behind the display counter. It is a laser cut pattern in MDF – the intricacy of the design and the colour, together combined, lend visual weight to the space. The use of the colour red provides the right spatial experience by making the vast space look cosy and intimate.


Archi concrete-finish cement board panels separated by bronze U-channels provide an aesthetic industrial vibe while serving a structural function simultaneously. Plush ribbed leather upholstered seating in mustard is a reflection of the bronze inlays. The washroom carries forward the urban-chic vibe that permeates the restaurant. Red 3D tiles  juxtapose beside grey concrete-lookalike tiles; red is a vibrant colour, grey is the colour of calmness and comfort – combining the two makes for a unique balance of eclecticism and fashion-forward dynamism. 


The play of colours in the restaurant is one of its unique features. This space was large and meant for a congregation of people. The bright red is cheerful and energising; it’s also a warm colour that brings cosiness to a large, open space. The touches of mustard gold are warmly invigorating, providing a nice contrast to the signature red.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



RC Architecture

Built-up area

2,500 square feet

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