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After several long-standing years, the library in the iconic Max Mueller Bhavan in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, was in need of a renovation to keep up with the times. The 2,000 square feet interiors underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, featuring a new central core and thoughtfully designed spaces that invite visitors to reflect, read and find solace in a quiet haven surrounded by books. Serene spaces, ample lighting, comfortable reading nooks, warm wooden floors and smart shelves mark the newly renovated library.


The entrance to the library showcases an imposing reception desk topped with wood veneer and highlighted with green PU paint. Bright red chairs opposite the reception serve as the waiting area. We used wood for the flooring; it is a material synonymous with aesthetic appeal, acoustics and durability, qualities that are a must for a flexible space that accommodates various activities and events. The Kayaku wooden panels that were used reflect the myriad hues and grains of real wood, enveloping the space in a warm cocoon.


White book shelves provide a cool contrast to the warm wooden floors. The laminated shelves are interspersed with perforated metal sheets fixed within a MS box section that provide dual purpose – as support to heavy books and as an industrial design element to the otherwise simple shelves. 


Reading nooks were worked into the plan to offer a cosy place for readers to enjoy quiet time spent either reading and listening. Lush velvet fabrics, thoughtfully placed electric points, bookshelves within easy reach mark these well-thought out spaces.


Effective lighting being a must in any library, great care was taken to economise lighting by using LED lights, while at the same time adhering to the minimalist decor of the space. A strategic combination of inbuilt ceiling lights combined with suspended track lights coated in white and green illuminate the entire space. Additionally, large windows carved into walls wherever possible let in natural light.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



Mathew & Ghosh Architects

Built-up area

2,000 square feet

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