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In this delectable collaboration with the South Indian cuisine restaurant, Maayaa, we have tried to create a dining experience where delicate flavours intertwine with striking aesthetics. The palette was designed as a melange of warm colours and wooden tones based on which we created an interplay of material, pattern and texture with cane, brass and fabric. 


At the entrance, a cage-like screen constructed of brass pipes set in a wooden frame doubles as a partition as well as a seat on the inside. A vast expanse of flooring in black-and-white tiles is accentuated by customised wallpaper in pastel hues, the pattern of which is reflected in the floral upholstery.


Plush sofas in deep red punctuate the florals, seemingly bringing a stillness to the movement. The lighting comes from rattan cane lamps suspended from the ceiling, in assorted shapes and sizes that envelope the space with a warm glow. A wall-to-wall mirror positioned at the far end creates the illusion of spaciousness, making the space appear larger and brighter



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



RC Architecture

Built-up area

3,000 square feet

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