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We were entrusted with the task of creating the interiors of this unique looking house that resembles an intriguing block of concrete poured into various geometric moulds. Resplendent in its grey cement canvas with minimal or nil ornamentation save for the green spaces that break the monotony, the home embodies the sparseness of a chic monastery. The material palette of the house is comprised of mixed materials, mainly, metal, glass, wood and steel that have been abundantly used.


It is in the private areas, ie. the bedrooms and the study, that the home breaks away from the concrete mould it is cast in. A metal-and-glass bridge seemingly suspended in mid air, leads to the library clad entirely in teak wood. The use of natural wood resplendent in its rich, golden brown-hues, in select spaces imbue these rooms with an air of warmth and sophistication. Full-length and wall-to-wall windows allow in swathes of natural light.


The home creates a fine balance between its cool, open living spaces in exposed cement with the warm, wood-clad private quarters.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



Mathew & Ghosh Architects

Built-up area

6,000 square feet

Plot area

10,000 square feet

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