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Nestled in a leafy neighbourhood in Indiranagar Bangalore, this spacious 4-bedroom penthouse is a seamless blend of modern aesthetics with natural elements. The strategic use of wooden floors, laid in a chevron pattern in the bedrooms and living room, fosters a sense of continuity and fluidity throughout the home.


The accent wall in the living room is clad in wood veneer, its natural grain patterns adding depth and visual interest to the space. Throughout the home, wood plays a pivotal role - from live edge ledges to paneled ceilings, as in the entertainment zone upstairs, wood has been creatively used to infuse warmth and character. Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows flood the interiors with ample natural light.


The design is a dynamic interplay between materials to enhance the home's contemporary appeal. Rattan, in the form of headboards, are juxtaposed beside fluted glass and metal partitions; dual toned marble countertops are sandwiched between patterned wallpaper and PU painted cabinets.


The idea was to contrast the textures such as metal accents, glass fixtures, and stone countertops to create a space that embodies modern sophistication while retaining a cosy, homely atmosphere.


The colour palette is neutral on the whole, allowing us to play with textures and patterns, as is evident in the different shades of wood or in the textured wall paint. The terrace on the upper level is practically an extension of the family/entertainment area. Sheltered with a toughened glass roof set in metal frames, the terrace makes for comfortable outdoor living.


The home represents a seamless fusion of diverse styles that reflects the homeowners' identity and appreciation for both cultures.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



Melange Interiors Pvt. Ltd.


Source Architecture

Built-up area

4,000 square feet

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