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The house located on the outskirts of Bangalore comfortably blends natural elements with modern design. Constructed with an artful combination of wood, glass and steel, the home showcases a harmonious fusion of materials. The design response of the house is a reflection of its environment – full length windows in glass, skylights in the sloping roof and the abundant use of wood create a dialogue between the outdoors and indoors.


The flow of public spaces on the ground floor include the living room, dining, and kitchen, while the bedrooms are housed on the upper level. One of the stand-out features is the pitched, tiled roof that is in keeping with the local architectural design sense; the modern touch in this traditional roof is added via large skylights that punctuate the roof and calcium-silicate false ceiling under the tiles, that serves as dual protection against the elements while giving a neat contemporary edge to the space. The panels are held in place by wooden rafters and trusses that offer a nice contrast to the white ceiling.


The materiality of the house reflects abundant use of wood throughout the house, adding warmth and a rustic chic aesthetic to the house. One of the most interesting elements is the dining space that is crafted as a cuboid cocoon enveloped in the warmth of wood. Designed to be a part of the open layout, the space features sliding louvered shutters all around to afford privacy when required. The ceiling, also crafted out of wood, is held up by metal beams, making the top of it a mezzanine that is used as a family hangout.


Connecting the two levels is a linear staircase in mild steel and glass that provides an interesting divergence from the warm  wood. The use of steel affords strength and modern flair, creating a strong visual contrast.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



RC Architecture

Built-up area

8,000 square feet

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