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Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood in the heart of Bangalore, the flat was designed to be the pied-à-terre for a family who lives in the USA. Their request was simple enough – that the house reflect their personality and also their lives in America. It was an easy and fruitful collaboration; the clients helped source some of the home fittings from overseas and we executed the whole design process to realise their vision.


The final outcome was a mixed yet stylish aesthetic that incorporated very specific design elements in their Indian home – the most apparent being the barn door that we decided to use as an accent wall in the living room. It’s a signature look with the hardware brought in from the US to give it a sense of originality. The style is reflected in the curio shelves with similarly sourced accessories, as well as the doorway to the walk-in wardrobe.


We decided to keep the colour palette neutral, so that we could play with various finishes on the wood used in the new pieces of furniture. The entrance and barn doors are polished to expose the natural grains, cupboard shutters are in matte-finish white Duco, and beds in a distressed grey finish – an ensemble that makes for a rustic chic look. A recurring design element is the wainscoting in geometric panels used in the entrance and dining room to create cosy nooks. 


The home represents a seamless fusion of diverse styles that reflects the homeowners' identity and appreciation for both cultures.



Bangalore, Karnataka

Year of completion



Keystone Studio

Built-up area

4,000 square feet

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